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Pennine View

Manager: Dawn Jackson

Pennine views’s approach to the provision of holistic care in line with social pedagogy ideology is to implement an individualised person centred approach. Our philosophy and ability to develop inclusive care packages enables young people to reach beyond their personal adversity to explore their full potential and achieve positive outcomes.

This is achieved through comprehensive child focussed care planning, evolved by staff teams who are the positive role models, delivering the naturalistic day to day quality care. The staff team endeavour to understand the young person’s journey into care through assessment tools. Enabling the adoption of appropriate therapeutic and naturalistic strategies.

• A healthy balanced lifestyle
• Addressing individual issues and safeguarding tools are adopted within the home supporting informed decision making assessment and processes.
• Promotion of educational development via informed understanding of individual aspirations for their future
• To encourage a young person to mature in all aspects of their development, a vast range of activities are offered/both in and outside the home. The staff team are committed to facilitating activities that develop social skills aiming to increase the young person’s self-esteem and self-worth
• Consultation and joint working with families and significant others aids and develops positive relations which foster and underpin long term support networks
• Behaviour modification, developing self-esteem, social skills and the promotion of life skills are also incorporated to meet individual’s needs. Staff promote the service users to have an understanding of their rights and responsibilities; this is achieved in line with equal opportunities policies to ensure the young people we care for are equipped with the necessary skills to make transitional steps in their future. The transition into independence is difficult and turbulent for young people therefore as positive role models we can continue to be a source of support via outreach packages and the maintenance of positive professional contact
• Young people come to live with us for a number of different reasons including trauma, abuse and neglect. Staff at Pennine understand and are prepared to listen to any young person who may wish to share information relating to their past experiences

Dawn has worked at Pennine View since she started her employment at DAS. Dawn has a degree in Social Science and Is also a qualified Teaching Assistant.

Dawn progressed into a Deputy Manager position, then moved on to be the Registered Manager in 2018.

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