All registered managers/ deputy managers are involved in the referral procedure. A full referral procedure is in place for the management of these. All requests for placements will be responded to with a matter of urgency, and the referrals email is monitored daily. An anonymised database is built within Clearcare for business analysis purposes only.

Where a referral is assessed as suitable, a referral risk assessment will be requested from the placing authority to aid decision making and assist the manager to complete a shared living impact risk assessment and ensure we are able to meet the young person’s needs in line with the Statement of Purpose and Function (SOPF) prior to the placement being offered.

Arrangements will then be made for suitable admission, including where possible pre-arranged visits with the young people either to the home or in their existing placement. This allows a childrens guide to be shared with the young person and inform care planning prior to arrival in order for us to ascertain needs and preferences.

It is recognised that planned placements are preferable however there may be occasions where unplanned emergency placements could be offered. This decision would only be made after consideration of the suitability of the young person being referred, in line with the home’s SOPF and in circumstances where the team are sufficient and suitably skilled to meet the assessed needs of the young person being referred.

The manager of the home and their staff teams will ensure that placement plan documentation is completed as soon as practicable and will work in line with the required timescales set out within relevant legislation.

For more information about our referral process or to request a referral please email

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