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Ivory Villas

Manager: Anthony Haigh

Ivory Villa is a registered 2-2 home which provides accommodation for 2 young people of both genders with emotional, behavioural and social difficulties. The home is located within easy reach of the local amenities within Barnsley town centre. Ivory Villas can accommodate young people of any age; however normally they are between 12 and 18 years old. The admission process is robust and includes the completion of a shared living risk assessment which allows the young people’s needs to be carefully matched with co-residents, including age, specific needs and stage of emotional development to ensure that the placement is in the best interests of all young people. Ivory Villas strives to create and maintain a homely environment for the young people to feel safe and secure. The daily routine of the home is centred around the needs of the young people. This is achieved by encouraging the young people to personalise their surroundings by actively involving them in choosing décor and furnishings for the home and personalising their own bedroom.

This home is managed by Tony Haigh and has a settled team of mixed ages, genders and experience. The staff team have a diverse range of skills and qualities that promote the young people’s care needs and the support that they require to achieve their full potential emotionally, socially, educationally and physically.

Ivory Villas provides a nurturing environment which supports the young people to achieve a sense of permanency. The staff team offer a consistent approach to the young people’s care, offering well thought out thorough strategies and constantly reviewing outcomes to develop their practice and increase their achievements. The staff team at Ivory Villas work very hard to build on their positive relationships with all young people and their families. This is done under social pedagogic principles by encouraging them and listening to their opinions and views.

Tony has worked for DAS since February 2004 with a small gap where he went to work with people on the Autistic Spectrum in a Team Leader position in 2008 and also a senior leadership role working with care leavers. Tony returned to work with DAS in 2010.

Whilst working at Ivory Villas Tony worked his way up in the company, first becoming senior of the team and then gaining a promotion in a deputy role. This transitioned to a trainee manager, before finally gaining the position of Registered manager on the 17th of March 2019.

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