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Dove House

Manager: Jill Firth

Dove House is a registered four-bedroom residential children’s home which can accommodate four young people of all genders with emotional and behavioural difficulties. There is also a small, separate building which can be utilised as a semi independence training flat.

The home is situated within easy reach of local amenities and adopts a holistic approach to education with an emphasis on relationship building and communication with the young people. As well as this, creativity is encouraged with art, music and mindfulness explored so the young people can build their confidence and individuality with a view to reaching their full potential.

Initial referral will be taken by one of the directors. A full risk assessment will be based upon the essential information provided in respect of the young person being referred e.g. age, gender, presenting problems, exhibited behaviours etc. these will be assessed by the manager prior to a place being offered via the completion of a shared living risk assessment. Within this assessment process we will consider the needs of the existing residents and will make every effort to ensure that we would not place young people who had conflicting or incompatible needs.

Wherever possible a pre-placement visit will take place to ascertain suitability and the young person’s wishes. The young person is given a copy of the children’s guide which contains all appropriate information that they need i.e. contact details of relevant people and bodies as well as an overview of the expectations that Dove House can offer and expect. The young person is encouraged to bring personal possessions with them on arrival.

Upon Jill finishing her psychology degree, she graduated and started working with vulnerable young people within a school environment.

Jill joined DAS 8years ago as a RCCW and completed her Diploma Level 3 within the first 2years of her employment.

Following successful application for Senior care coordinator at Dove House after 3years of employment Jill gained experience within this role allowing her to continue her professional development and become Registered Manager of Dove House 2years on.

In addition to the vast training programmes all employees undertake, Jill is also qualified in Leadership and Management Diploma Level 5, Fire Marshal and 3-day First Aid training and holds Intermediate Team Teach Instructor accreditation for the company.

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