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Manager: Alice Charlesworth

Bole close is a registered single occupancy home which provides accommodation for one young person of both genders with emotional, behavioural and social difficulties. The home creates individual care plans for the young person in the home tailored around the young person’s needs at the time of admission to the home.

Bole Close strives to create and maintain a homely environment for the young people to feel safe and secure. The daily routine of the home is centred around the needs of the young people. This is achieved by encouraging the young people to personalise their surroundings by actively involving them in choosing décor and furnishings for the home and personalising their own bedroom.

The young people receive an allowance when they first move into the home so that they can purchase items of their choice to personalise their bedrooms. All shared areas of the home are accessible to young people. In the interest of confidentiality young people do not have access to the staff office.

The staff team at Bole Close are dedicated in providing a non-judgemental anti oppressive approach to working with the young people. The staff team at Bole Close are committed to eliminating unfair discrimination in line with the organisations equal opportunities policy.

We also embrace that our young people come from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and the individual care plans are tailor-made to reflect this. We encourage young people to explore their religious and cultural heritage. Staff are provided with training to ensure they are culturally competent to deal with the individual needs and consult with external partners on how to best achieve this.

Staff will support the young people to maintain their religious and cultural observances. All staff will receive Race Awareness and Equal Opportunities training and will base their work practice on anti-discriminatory practice with regard to race, gender, disability, cultural and religious needs etc.

Alice joined us in 2012 and has worked her way up within the company from residential care worker, senior care coordinator and now registered manager. Alice has years of experience of working with children and young people and has completed diploma awards in residential child care and a degree in Social Sciences.

Alice is passionate about caring for young people and understanding their behaviour and how they can be supported to make positive choices and go on to enjoy and achieve.

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