Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a Therapeutic Environment?

All our staff work alongside qualified psychotherapist from Leeds and York partnership NHS foundation trust who inform practice and the delivery of therapeutic care risk measurement plans for all our young people. And as a result all our staff teams have a heightened awareness and knowledge of the complex issues associated with young people in our care. Care practices are applied after careful consideration - these are personalised to the specific needs of the child.

Dove's child-centred approach ensures that our environments enable young people to become and feel involved in their home as well as their wider community.

Staff’s delivery of care is underpinned by current knowledge and theory which, when incorporated within our homely environments, creates a nurturing and naturalistic experience for the children.

The promotion of networks within local communities and partnership principles are adopted in line with individual needs and development of the young people. Staff are well aware of the need to avoid working in isolation and view external professionals as being key partners in order to meet the child's holistic needs.

What age group do you take?

Under new legislation of Care Standards Act of 2008, we no longer have age stipulations for new referrals. The decision depends on the individual needs of any young people already placed with us, and those of the young person being referred to us.

Do you provide education and how much does it cost?

Yes we provide education. Please look at what we offer in our Education Prospectus.

Are there any hidden costs?

No. When you place at Dove our fees cover:

Would you take a young person who was an arsonist?

This depends on the care needs of the young person and the history and frequency of the offending behaviour. On referral we would ask for reports and any work undertaken with the young person around these offences. Then the Manager and Residential Child Care Worker would visit the Social Worker and young person to assess if we could meet the needs of the young person. What we will assure you of is total honestly at all these stages to save you time. We also need details regarding offences for our insurance as agreement has to be sorted prior to placement.

Would you take a young person who is a Schedule 1 offender?

We would take the procedure as the previous question relating to arsonists. In addition we would take into account the needs of the young people already placed with us, as well as the young person referred to us.

What are your fees?

Please contact us on 01977 690 344 for this information.

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