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Our aims

At Dove, our mission is to give the young people in our care a realistic chance: first, to recover from often severely damaging histories; but most of all to believe in their own potential and build towards a positive, confident start to adult life.

Whether or not we can finally provide the best, permanent solution in an individual case, we will always do our utmost to secure a young person's present and future well-being - physical, emotional, social and intellectual.

We aim to promote an atmosphere in which the young people can achieve their full potential emotionally, socially, educationally and physically, where the staff team actively work with the young people to identify and foster areas of strength and strengthen areas of weakness.

This will be achieved through individual plans for both care and education which can encompass a variety of approaches from life history bookwork through to identification of social/leisure activities which provide the stimulation and excitement that they seek.

Our methods

Dove's Principles of Care

We aim to promote a living environment that encourages young people to achieve their full potential emotionally, socially, educationally and physically - within this we take account of individuality, diversity and cultural needs.

The prominent features underpinning Dove Adolescent Services' approach to care are illustrated in our Principles of Care Triangle. Dove's staff team are our most valuable attribute, so they are represented as the pinnacle of the triangle. The left of the triangle represents the physical and well established elements within the organisation. The ideological approach to care is represented on the opposite face.

Dove's methods are relationship based, which is informed through the social pedagogy ideology. The ethos within every home is based upon inclusive group living and shared experiences. The underpinning ethos is one of positive re-enforcement achieved through working in partnership with the young people in order to identify realistic goals. Staff endeavour to maintain a nurturing environment by presenting as genuine adult role models allowing young people to develop positive attachments with the adults who are caring for them.

Our achievements in people management and development were rewarded with IIP Gold Status in the Summer of 2011. We are the first organisation in our sector to reach the standard, having previously been the first care organisation to achieve the accreditation for the IIP Leadership & Management model. Learn more about our IIP Gold Status.

Education & Dove School

Dove School is an independent special school, owned and operated by Dove Adolescent Services. It was established to offer an alternative to mainstream education for the young people in our care. Our emphasis is on the development of positive attitudes towards self and learning, with a curriculum which meets individual needs and secures individual achievement.

We have an integrated approach to care and education; maximising the skills, qualifications and interests of the care staff in partnership with specialist education staff. Our care staff are supported through an extensive programme of training and a number have achieved NVQ Level 3 supporting teaching and learning in schools. Together, we provide:

  • Active development of social, emotional and behavioural skills
  • Personalised quality learning
  • Effective support and guidance
  • Role models of positive behaviour
  • Clear guidelines, recognition and rewards for good behaviour and learning
  • A safe, secure, stimulating environment which inspires pride and belonging.

Through this approach, our young people are offered personalised opportunities to achieve GCSE, Functional Skills, ASDAN COPE and City & Guilds qualifications.

Our young people in mainstream education benefit from close liaison and partnership with local schools and colleges by both teaching and care staff.

Links with external providers bring vocational opportunities and work placements, including catering and hospitality, hairdressing, construction and motor vehicle maintenance.

Life skills and long-term
well being

Our ultimate goal is to prepare young people for independent living within society. To this end we need to educate young people about the economic and financial pressures that living independently will incur. We therefore encourage all our young people to become involved in budget control at a level appropriate to their age and level of understanding.

We promote educational achievement as a basis for securing employment and therefore aiding a stable economic environment for them. We actively promote the young people to open savings accounts and encourage them to save a proportion of their weekly allowance. Saving is rewarded by the provision of bonus schemes.

Additionally we encourage the young people to research the best places to shop allowing them to gain the best value for their money, we encourage them to explore different and varied activities which are free or low cost and by providing education and good role models we aim to maximise their ability to achieve long term economic well being.

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Education at more then the University of Life
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